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Rose is a rose is a rose



With temperatures sizzling – with 36°C we had the hottest 1 July since 1901 – I will have to wait a wee while before I can wear my Rosage.

This is quite possibly my favourite shawl. Ever. Everything about it is perfect: the crescent shape, the rose lace border. A joy to knit. And that yarn! Beautifully blooming shetland from L’Echappée Laine in the most lushious of greens. Can you tell I am happy with it?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Stay cool.


Happy Easter!

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Just stopping by to wish you all a very Happy Easter and a joyful weekend!


Winter Vitamins


DSC02156DSC02130 DSC02136DSC02161DSC02166

The mornings are hazy and cold. Then the sun comes out, carrying the promise of spring. There’s nothing like a day of warm sunshine to lift the spirits and to give you a sense of things to come. It definitely feels as if winter is turning. The light is changing and the days are lengthening. Spring is around the corner.

Meanwhile, I’m knitting myself another pair of socks using Susan B. Anderson’s sock pattern. The yarn is Das Paar # 2208 by Schoppel Wolle which I got at Rosa Pomar’s lovely shop Retrosaria, a treasure cave for knitters and crafters.

I’m also swatching for a Keel cardigan, a design by Bristol Ivy for Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People Vol. 8. Looking forward to warmer days to come, I’m using Rowan’s Purelife revive,  a fully recycled summer yarn, which has a beautiful rusticity and stitch definition.

The recipe for the potato soup I had for lunch I found here. Delicious and absolutely soul warming!

I wish you all a very good weekend! Hopefully with some sunshine and plenty of knitting.


Feels Like Summer





These last few days I’ve been living in the garden:
Pottering about, watering plants, planting herbs, collecting dead wood.
Reading My Brother Michael and browsing Kate Davies’ book Colours of Shetland, choosing colours for an Ursula cardigan. I have made little or no progress on my nearly finished fair isle vest (too hot for that).
Sipping chilled rosé wine, eating chocolate cake (never too hot for that) and strawberries.
Wriggling my toes in the grass and watching white cotton clouds drift by.
And thinking that I should really be less lazy and write a blog post.
Have a good weekend!

Back to Basics | A Pi Shawl

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DSC00730I have been struggling with my Rock Island Shawl, making no progress whatsoever as I kept having to rip out row after row of the edging lace, making silly mistakes, or simply forgetting where I was in the chart. Don’t get me wrong, the pattern is clearly written and it is not overly complicated, but I simply could not get the hang of it. So I kept procrastinating, putting the shawl aside in favour of another pair of socks. ( A girl can never have too many socks, right, especially not as mine usually get nicked as soon as they come of the needles. )

After nearly two weeks, I still had not finished the lace border. I was beginning to despair when I finally got round to reading Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. The book off course is a classic and offers a mix of stories about Zimmermann’s life, as well as a series of basic patterns, organised by month. The pattern for July is her famous Pi Shawl and I soon realised that this was the shawl I, and many others, had been swooning over on Glenna’s wonderful blog, Knitting to Stay Sane. No sooner had I finished reading the instructions, than my Rock Island shawl was frogged and a Pi Shawl cast-on. I am a happy knitter once again and for the last two days, I have been contentedly knitting away.

[The] shaping-rounds occur farther and farther apart, when there are (because of previous shaping-rounds) a larger and larger number of stitches. Towards the end, by the time you state of mind has become more and more frayed, and your need of mindless comfort knitting greater and greater, your knitting will be nothing but almost endless rounds of hundreds of stitches, with no thinking required, at all.

From Knitter’s Almanac

Thank you, Elizabeth Zimmerman. Exactly what I needed.



The Wethersfield Cardigan



I had promised my sister a black cardigan: mission accomplished. I have (finally) finished the Wethersfield cardigan. A bit of a ‘hybrid’ project: cast-on as an Empire cardigan, switched to a Wethersfield, using the raglan sleeves and the measurements from the Miriam cardigan , which I knitted previously. Could have been, should have been, a recipe for disaster and while I was knitting it I grew really worried about the size – and as always that seriously slowed down my knitting – but it turned out absolutely fine. I’m happy with the result, which in the pics is being modelled by the happy receiver herself. I love the design of the Wethersfield with its cable pattern in the back and the two single cables lining the two fronts. Plus, there is something very rewarding about knitting cables, watching them taking shape as you knit.

Meanwhile we’ve been enjoying some glorious autumn weather: blue skies and a beautiful golden light, enhancing the rich colouring of the trees. Autumn at its best. Miss Lilly and her young gentleman friend are taking full advantage of the pleasant weather, playing in the garden and chasing each other amongst the shrubs.