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A Tale of Two Cardigans



This post was a loooong time in the making. I finished these two cardigans weeks ago, but somehow never got around to showing them here, or putting them up on Ravelry.

Cardigans are probably my favourite item to knit, as well as being something I will probably end up wearing. In this climate you can usually do with an extra layer. As I like my clothes to be loose and flow-y, allowing me to move easily, I tend to go for A-lines. And as I hardly ever close them, I prefer my cardigans without buttons.

Where I still get it wrong though, even after a good four years of knitting, is size. Even when I knit several swatches, trying out different needle sizes. I seem to have evolved from knitting items that are slightly to small, to items that are way too large. Overcompensating. As a result, the item in question ends up in my wardrode, unloved and unworn.

For the first cardigan, Michiyo’s Stranger, I have gotten it right. Partly because for this design size doesn’t matter that much. It is a big, wrap around model. The second one, Cedarwood, a design by Alicia Plummer, I have only worn once so far. I love everything about this cardigan, the design, the yarn I used (Rowan’s Tweed). And the knit itself was fun and fast. But it is so big as to be positively unflattering. So I will probably end up having to find it a new owner.

You can find my Ravelry notes for both projects here and here.

Meanwhile, if you have any brilliant suggestions as to how to remedy this particular problem, I’d love to hear them! Happy knitting!


Birthday Knitting



For her birthday, my youngest sister chose Tinder, a design by Jared Flood, and a bottle green Cascade 220 Heathers yarn for me to knit it in. Tinder is an A-shaped cardigan with raglan sleeves and a stand-up collar and will be perfect for autumn walks. We maybe August and summer still very much with us, my knitting thoughts have already shifted to the next season and I’m hankering after warm wool in heathered shades.

The back and sleeves are knitted in a textured waffle stitch pattern. Dead simple really, but somehow I keep forgetting to knit the 4th row in stocking stitch and having to take it back out. Tedious. But maybe my teachers were right and I should talk less and pay more attention.  (Not going to happen.)

Tinder is designed to be knitted in separate pieces and I was too lazy to do the math and knit it in the round as some other knitters have done. But even if I feel slightly apprehensive about making the sleeve caps fit, I don’t really mind having to sew everything together.

This is the first project  I’ve knitted continental style! As a young child I was taught to knit English style by my grandmother and have always felt comfortable ‘throwing’. But ever since joining Ravelry and coming across so many enthusiastic continental knitters, I’ve been wanting to explore the continental style. I picked up a few tips and tricks from Youtube, but kept struggling with my tension. So I signed up for Patty Lyons Craftsy class ‘Improve your Knitting: Alternative Methods and Styles’ and that has really got me going. It is fun to be able to alternate both knitting styles and the continental style has definitely made the constant switching between knit and purl required by the waffle stitch pattern less tiresome.

Wish you a very good week. Hope the sun is out where you are.



Uniform, Building Myself a Cardigan

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A soon as I laid eyes on this cardigan, I knew I needed (wanted) one. Badly. The design is by Carrie Bostick Hoge and is not just for one cardigan, but allows you to customise your own version. It can be made into a short or long version, three body shapes (fitted, A-line or straight), with fitted or bell shaped sleeves, a simple or shaped neckband and with patch or inset pockets. The variations are sheer endless, and there is room for some improvisation as well. I am going for a short, A-line cardigan with inset pockets, bell sleeves and a shaped collar. I’m certain other combinations are bound to be tried later. The instructions are easy to follow and the different options clearly laid out. Definitely a useful pattern to have in one’s library.

I am knitting my Uniform cardigan in Rowan Felted Tweed DK. Maybe not the most artisanal yarn around, but there is still much to love: when you knit it, it feels a little coarse which I like, when you wash it, it softens beautifully. It has great yardage (175 m for 50 g) and it comes in the most gorgeous, rustic tweedy shades.

I have finished the pockets and the side shaping and am almost ready to start on the sleeves.

From time to time, the sun peaks out between rain laden February skies. To escape those, at least in mind, I’m (re)reading Agatha Christie’s A Caribbean Mystery, its main attraction being Miss Marple knitting on a warm, sunny terrace or beach.

She would rest for ten minutes or so, and then she would take her knitting and walk slowly along towards the hotel and she would settle herself. On the terrace overlooking the sea? Or should she go on to the bathing beach to watch the bathers and the children? Usually it was the latter. In the afternoon, after her rest, she might take a drive. It really didn’t matter very much.

And it really doesn’t require very much imagination to see myself doing the same…