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There has been preciously little blogging, but all the more knitting. First, I made a Laylow shawl for my sister, to take on her holiday to the Wachau in Austria. Not that she will have much use for it. No chilly winds to ward off, it’s about 30°C over there now. Lucky girl. The Laylow is a design by Shannon Cook and an easy and rewarding knit. Fast too, literally flew of my needles. If you’re looking for a project to knit on holiday, this would be a very good one.

Next is the Liv Light. Another cardigan, I know. But I’m so, so thrilled with this one. It is simply the perfect spring/summer cardigan. The fit is great, the lines are clean and flowing and it’s extremely wearable, as are all Carrie Bostick Hoge’s designs. From time to time, I will let myself be tempted by something more complicated, busier and then end up either frogging it, or not wearing it and giving it away. This one I know will be worn and loved.

I’m also participating in my first ever KAL, organised by Nadia Cretin-Léchenne. She recently released her Rosage pattern, created in collaboration with L’Echappée Laine who make the most gorgeous Shetland yarns. A combination I simply could not resist. Shetland wool is possibly my favourite yarn, light and warm and blooming. I have already ordered some 4 ply Shetland for a looooooong overdue sweater for my brother. I promised to knit him one for his last birthday and will have to hurry to get it finished before his next one.

Happy knitting, everyone!


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