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Can you believe we are May already? To round off April, I thought I’d share the books I have been reading this month.

Manderley Forever: Like its author,Tatiana de Rosnay, I have always been fascinated by Daphne du Maurier. She is as romantic a character as any of her heroines and her life reads like one of her novels. This biography is a great read, but for the moment only available in French. De Rosnay writes her books alternatively in French and English and I haven’t seen any trace of the English translation yet.

Sleeping Murder: An old favourite of mine and a re-read. Agatha Christie’s final Miss Marple novel, and one of my favourites. Cleverly plotted, it combines several of my favourite Christie techniques: it is one of her ‘retrospective’ murder mysteries, the murder investigated having occurred several decades before. The murder was witnessed by a young child who as an adult and newly married moves back to England, more specifically to the Devon coast – Christie country par excellence. The house she buys plays a prominent role in the story and the writer, who in real life took great pleasure in decorating her different homes, also does so on the page.

We Were Liars: A family gathering, an island and the lies that lay behind the gilded façade. This book escaped my attention when it first came out. I came across it on Amanda’s 2014 reading list (a good place for finding reading inspiration) and read some glowing reviews in the press. I won’t reveal the twists and turns of the clever plot, but I can say that when the secret at the heart of the book is finally revealed, it turned out to be more shocking than anything I had anticipated. This is a cunning and gripping novel, full of surprises, and an ideal holiday read.

A Spool of Blue Thread: Another novel with a family (and a house) at its hart. Anne Tyler is unrivalled when it comes to giving her characters life. She made me believe every word, every deed and kept me absorbed throughout the book.  A clever, subtle writer too who adds a tenderness and a light touch of comedy and irony to the events of daily life she describes. I really, really loved this book.

I’d love to hear what you are reading at the moment. I’m always on the look out for recommendations.

Have a lovely weekend!


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