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A Tale of Two Cardigans



This post was a loooong time in the making. I finished these two cardigans weeks ago, but somehow never got around to showing them here, or putting them up on Ravelry.

Cardigans are probably my favourite item to knit, as well as being something I will probably end up wearing. In this climate you can usually do with an extra layer. As I like my clothes to be loose and flow-y, allowing me to move easily, I tend to go for A-lines. And as I hardly ever close them, I prefer my cardigans without buttons.

Where I still get it wrong though, even after a good four years of knitting, is size. Even when I knit several swatches, trying out different needle sizes. I seem to have evolved from knitting items that are slightly to small, to items that are way too large. Overcompensating. As a result, the item in question ends up in my wardrode, unloved and unworn.

For the first cardigan, Michiyo’s Stranger, I have gotten it right. Partly because for this design size doesn’t matter that much. It is a big, wrap around model. The second one, Cedarwood, a design by Alicia Plummer, I have only worn once so far. I love everything about this cardigan, the design, the yarn I used (Rowan’s Tweed). And the knit itself was fun and fast. But it is so big as to be positively unflattering. So I will probably end up having to find it a new owner.

You can find my Ravelry notes for both projects here and here.

Meanwhile, if you have any brilliant suggestions as to how to remedy this particular problem, I’d love to hear them! Happy knitting!


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  1. I had the same problem with sizing, I think I have got it a bit better now since I have been using the advice from Ysolda Teague’s book and the Custom Fit from Amy Herzog.
    Sounds silly but I was always measuring my bust at the fullest part rather than above it, which made a big difference for the fit of the finished garment.
    I still need to be careful with some designs that incorporate already some positive ease, I did overlook that with a cardigan for which I had some gauge adjustments to do and in the end it went to my mum…
    I as well would love to hear other knitters solutions to this!
    Your cardigans looks beautiful :)


    • Thanks for the suggestions, Cinzia! Much appreciated. Amy Herzog teaches a ‘Knit to Flatter’ class on Craftsy, which I’ll check out. Have a very good weekend!


  2. Oh no, what a shame for your all your time and efforts!! They both look so good and I love the yarn you’ve used for both.
    I’m like you, if the fit isn’t right, I won’t wear it. Having a daughter helps :-) My daughter and I have more or less the same size (XS), but obviously I need more ease. It’s our way to solve size issues :-)
    I’m sure you’ll make someone very happy with this!
    Have a lovely weekend!


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