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Things that cheer me up in January:

  • A roaring fire.
  • Flowers on my writing desk.
  • Tea and cake.
  • Knitting! As was to be expected, I got a bit bored with the plain Chesterfield I’m knitting for my brother. So, I put it aside and selfishly cast-on a Stranger cardigan. I am now happily cabling away.
  • Knitting podcasts. I have only recently started listening to knitting podcasts. One I really enjoy is And Truly Myrtle, who writes one of my favourite craft blogs, posted her first podcast yesterday.
  • A good book. I must be the last person not to have read Wolf Hall. I’m racing to finish it before the BBC adaptation airs next Wednesday. Something to look forward to.

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  1. Ooo! great list of cheery things :) I LOVED Wolf Hall but didn’t know until now that there is a BBC version coming out! Looks like your knitting is coming along – love those bright flecks of fuchsia, Elizabeth. xo


  2. I like your stranger! I have Wolf Hall sitting in my library, so that makes two of us not having read it :-)


      • I know, I should really get on with it. To be honest, the English scares me off a bit, perhaps I should buy the Dutch version, don’t know …

      • that’s exactly why I put it off for such a long time. and when I finally took the plunge, I wondered why I had waited so long. and mantel writes so beautifully I would recommend going for the original version. Have a good day! x0

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