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The Ursula Cardigan

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Things are getting back to normal here. The quotes from the roofers are in and have been sent to the insurers. Fingers crossed for a speedy and positive response. Miss Lilly has gotten used to the billowing sheets of plastic covering big parts of the roof. When the wind comes up, it feels, and sounds, as if the whole house will sail away.

The garden has been restored to some sense of order and tranquility. I have been spending quite a few hours there these past few days, happily knitting away at my Ursula Cardigan. Not exactly the most seasonal of projects, but such a pleasurable one. I’ve had my eye on this design for some time, especially after seeing this beauty as well as this one which inspired my colour choice and made me go for a dark background. I’m knitting my cardigan in the Jamieson & Smith 2 Ply Jumper Weight the pattern calls for, and boy, do they have colours to choose from. I finally decided on a dark navy (36) for the main colour and a gorgeous green (FC24), a pale grey (27) and a natural off-white (202) for the motive. Colours I’m perfectly happy with, but as it is near impossible to judge a colour on a computer screen,  I went ahead and also ordered their colour charts.

The Ursula cardigan is another pattern from Kate Davies’ book  Colours of Shetland. It’s easy to follow and the floral motive, inspired by writer and naturalist Ursula Venables,  is easy to remember. In a way it is easier than my fair isle vest as fewer colours are used. I’m nearly done with the body and getting ready to cut the steeks, using the excellent tutorial Kate Davies has on her website, and then start on the sleeves. The project bag is also from Kate Davies’ web shop and features a series of her jumper designs, including the Ursula cardigan, drawn by the artist Felicity Ford.

I am currently seriously enamoured with all things Shetland – and all knitting stranded – and enjoying this project so much that I’m hoping one of my sisters or my mother will ask me to knit one for them. If not, I’ll simply have to knit another one for myself  in lighter tones.



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  1. I wish I was the lucky sister who could choose such a pretty jumper made by you.


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