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Some Good and Some Bad News



First, the good news: I finished my fair isle vest! Apart from whipstitching down the steek edges that is. I feel quite heroic having finished my first steeked garment. True, with some help and encouragement from the talented Mary Jane Mucklestone who’s Craftsy class THE FAIR ISLE VEST: Stranded and Steeked I took and which I, as I mentionnend earlier, highly recommend to those of you who are as daunted by the idea of steeking as I was.

I stuck with Mary Jane’s colour scheme and recommended yarn. Why want to change something that is just right? The colours are gorgeous and the Jamieson Double Knitting wool a pleasure to knit with. Wet-blocked, the vest bloomed beautifully.

And last but not least, the vest fits. If it hadn’t I would probably have framed it, so pleased am I with it.  My row gauge was way off but that was easily remediated by the extra repeat of the second OXO motive. That should teach me to swatch.

As to the bad news, and it is bad: Sunday night, a thunder and hail storm of biblical proportions passed over our region, leaving devastation and despair in its wake. We have suffered quite some damage, the worst being to our roof which has been badly hit and looks as if it has been under heavy artillery fire. The garden is a sorry sight, the lawn covered ankle deep in broken branches and leaves. I’m not posting any pictures; they are too depressing. Luckily all the trees are all still standing. And off course this had to happen a week when I am on my own, Finagle’s law, right. So I’ve spent the last few days trying to sort things out, on the phone with the insurers and the roofer. Not obvious as hundreds of houses have suffered a similar faith. Two things have kept me calm: music (a healthy dose of Mozart) and knitting. I felt too agitated to read, but knitting a few rows when I had the opportunity did help to remain zen. As well as remembering that all things material can either be fixed or replaced. Even if it may take some effort.



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  1. oh how beautiful! that is really a gorgeous vest. that sounds like a terrifying storm, best of luck cleaning up, bless knitting for it’s calming effects!


    • Thanks, Lori! First time I knit with that many colours. Such fun.
      In this part of the world we’re used to a rather more temperate climate. But that seems to be changing…


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