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Feels Like Summer





These last few days I’ve been living in the garden:
Pottering about, watering plants, planting herbs, collecting dead wood.
Reading My Brother Michael and browsing Kate Davies’ book Colours of Shetland, choosing colours for an Ursula cardigan. I have made little or no progress on my nearly finished fair isle vest (too hot for that).
Sipping chilled rosé wine, eating chocolate cake (never too hot for that) and strawberries.
Wriggling my toes in the grass and watching white cotton clouds drift by.
And thinking that I should really be less lazy and write a blog post.
Have a good weekend!

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  1. What a beautiful garden, totally my taste.
    I LOVE your post, it comes very close to my favorite way of living!
    Good weekend to you too!


    • Thank you! It is always special to connect with people with similar interests. Hope the weather gods stay clement for a while longer :-)


  2. Oh that sounds divine. :D I envy people with beautiful gardens. I don’t have time for one, but I’m always plant one convinced that this is the time I make it work.


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