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Yesterday I wet-blocked my Pi-Shawl and left it to dry in the garden, which seems to have turned green and lush overnight. I found the pattern in the legendary Knitter’s Almanac and following Elizabeth Zimmerman’s advice, I used Emily Ocker’s circular cast-on. I worked a total of 6 increase rounds, till I had 576 stitches on my needles and continued for another 90 rounds. There is something very soothing in watching the circle grow, row after ever increasingly longer row. I finished off with a simple garter stitch border which took more than a few episodes of The Archers to complete. Knitting a circle is deceptively easy but only three years ago, when I first read the Knitter’s Almanac, I would never have thought I’d master it. I added rows of yarn over, k2tog every 6th or 12th row, thus adding concentric rows of little holes.

The yarn used is Drops Lace, very slippery on my metal HiyaHiya needles, but resulting in a beautifully soft and light fabric. The finished shawl weighs just under 125 grams. The colour is ‘Light Camel’, a soft, and difficult to photograph, powdery beige.

Next time, I will go for something slightly more ambitious, like the Hemlock Ring Blanket, based on a vintage doily pattern from 1942. Jared Flood adapted it adding extra repeats and knitting it with a heavy weight yarn. So clever. Another project to add to my happily growing knitting queue.


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