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Reading | Two Turtle Doves, A Memoir of Making Things

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Alex Monroe via here

Two Turtle Doves is the story of a life spent making things. Growing up in 1970s Suffolk in a crumbling giant of a house with wild, tangled gardens, Alex Monroe was left to wreak havoc by invention. Without visible parental influence, but with sisters to love him and brothers to fight for him, he made nature into his world. Creation became a compulsion, wether it was go-carts and guns, crossbows and booby traps, boats, bikes or scooters. And then it was jewellery.

From full-out warfare waged against local schoolboys and the freedom found in daredevil Raleigh bike antics to the delicacies of dressmaking and the most intricate designs for jewellery, Two Turtle Doves traces the intimate journey of how an idea is transformed from a fleeting thought into an exquisite piece of jewellery. It is about where we find our creativity, how we remember and why we make the things we do.”

An excellent read for those of us who love making things. Have a good weekend!




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