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Uniform Cardigan | Nearly Done

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We have been enjoying a beautiful, sunny weekend with a definite promise of spring in the air. Although our winter has certainly not been as cold or wet as in other parts of the world, I am longing for spring to chase away all the greyness and add a couple of degrees to the temperature.

I’ve nearly finished my Uniform cardigan. Yesterday evening, I knitted the collar band. I opted for the broad one, after brushing up on my short row technique, using  this tutorial, and it turned out beautifully.  I had so much fun knitting this cardigan. I just went along with the pattern and it simply flew off the needles. I could have finished it even sooner, had it not been for these guys. So engrossed was I in their swashbuckling adventures that, after joining the sleeves, I forgot to decrease for the centre front shaping and had to rip all the way back.

I still have to sew the sleeve seams, then block it and find the right buttons, but I really love how it’s shaping up.  And I’m not the only one. Other members of my family have already expressed an interest, so I’m pretty certain I will be knitting this cardigan again. Including for myself.

I’m also very happy with my yarn choice. The Rowan Felted Tweed DK is absolutely perfect for this cardi. Lovely stitch definition and exactly the right ‘rustic’ touch for this design. Modelled pics to follow.


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