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Blue Skies

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-::- Les jours se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas. I took the top picture yesterday morning, standing in the wet grass in my slippers, summoned outside by Miss Lilly. December has started off with some glorious winter sunshine and the bluest of skies. A welcome change after the dull grey, laden skies of late November. This is my kind of winter weather and long may it last.

-::- Miss Lilly keeping her feet dry (and her nose clean). Miss Lilly who was already in hibernation mode is back to playing outside. How much easier it is to spot birds in naked trees.

-::-  I took advantage of the sunshine to take some pics of my A Fine Romance shawl. The Romance shawl is a design by poloetcie. The one skein, circle shaped shawl is a very pretty thing, feminine and romantic, with a beautiful drape. I used Madeline Tosh Sock (in ‘Denim’) which is wonderful to knit with and the perfect yarn for this project: squishy soft with a beautiful stitch definition.  This little shawl would make a perfect Christmas present, but I have decided to keep it for myself. I named my Romance shawl after this great song by Kern & Fields from Swing Time. Enjoy!


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