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Late summer is quietly slipping into autumn. The evenings draw in and there is a crispness in the air and a softness in the light. Plump spiders are weaving their webs, strung with droplets of dew in the dawn.

I do love this part of (early) autumn, but I dread what follows. I have a childish desire to start summer all over again, but find relief in simple seasonal rituals: lighting the first log fire, bringing autumn bounty inside to decorate the house, big bowls of hearty, warming soup. Or Belgian endives au gratin. Creamy and comforting, and oh so easy to make.

I have cast-on a (long overdue) cardigan for my sis. So far it has been a bit of a struggle. It started out as an Empire cardigan, before I realised black was an unfortunate choice. It didn’t show the chequered pattern, not to mention the eye strain. Then I came across Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Wethersfield , the perfect autumn cardigan. My progress is still a bit hesitant, but I’ll get there.


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